In facebook, you can see my two profiles: 1. Facebook Account 2. Facebook Page. Facebook account is for those who know me very well. My Facebook Page is for those people who have not meet me directly. People who know me only through internet or social sites may like my page or anyone who is my friend or not can like the page.

Who can send me a friend request?

Everyone but: my close friends, known families and relatives can send a friend request to me. If you don't know me, please do not waste your time to connect with me if you do not want to be in contact with me in a good way or if you do no interaction to me. Many people send friend request to unknown person but they do not interact with that people whom they send the friend request. It's really for giving good opportunity for hackers to hack your facebook account.

But rarely, I have meet some good people too but there is no need to be connected eachother in social media websites.

If we know eachother clearly, I will really accept the friend request. There may not be any gurrenties that I will accept your friend request if you are unknown to me or there is very less interaction to me.

Rules for My Facebook Interaction

If you are a friend in my facebook. You can do following:

Please do not do following activity to me: