Who is Birat?

Birat Paudyal is simply a boy who lives in Manigram, Rupandehi. He is the youngest son of late Guru Pandit Shiva Datta Paudel and mata Bhuwaneshwari Devi Paudel.

Shiva Datta Guru was the Nepali and Sanskrit teacher who teached in Shree Shanti Model high school (Manigram), Kewlani School and e.t.c. Pandit Shiva Datta Guru was expert in religious Purans, Karma Kandas and also in astrology. People used to visit the Guru Ji for finding out the dicision for religious works like Karmas for birth, Karmas for dealth e.t.c. Guru Ji had complete knowledge of Dharma Sindhu, Gyan Singhu and e.t.c. which is the book for diciding the critical condition in religious hindu works.

Birat used to help his father in his every works. He got knowlege of Panchangam and Astrology from his father. He also learned about basic concept of local home componenents maintances, basic electricity wiring and basic maintenance for own home. Birat learned astrology fully from Guru(father).

Professionally, Birat Paudyal is now working on Computer Maintenance in his locality. At the time of this article writing, he is working as a Computer Technician in his daily life. Beside this, he also plays musical instruments like Harmonioum, Musical Keyboard, Mridanga(tom-tom) e.t.c.